For many self employed or temporary workers sorting out your accounts can be challenging to say the least. We at Shield Payroll and Accountancy Services Limited can help you arrange your professional affairs in the most tax efficient way by setting you up as a Limited Company- The most efficient way to maximise your income and avoid the punitive tax implications for both the individual and the Company they work through.

When you set up a Limited Company you become the sole Director and employee of that Company, enabling you to claim the maximum tax relief on all business expenses and claiming salary as a dividend payment. In addition you are eligible for all the statutory benefits you’d be entitled to as a full time employee of any company.

Shield Payroll and Accountancy Services Limited can set up a Limited Company for you for a one off charge of £15 (a charge made by Companies House). Once your Limited Company has been set up, for a small fee of £30 for each full week worked we will provide the following services for your Limited Company:

P60 (statement of earnings and tax paid)
P45 (when required)
Annual profit and loss accounts
Companies House documentation

Shield Payroll understands that you may not work the whole year round so we do not charge a fee if you are between contracts. If you work only part of a week then the fee is reduced by a proportionate amount.